The educational programs designed below are available by appointment on weekdays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Please call 410-263-4683 x10 to schedule. All of the programs can be adapted for homeschoolers, Scout troops, or other children's groups. The cost of the program is $3.00 per student, $6.00 per adult chaperone, and free for teachers. 


The THEN AND NOW program is designed for the littlest, most curious minds and can be easily adapted for 5, 6, and 7 year old students. The program is divided into three 20 minute sessions: 

Session I: Tour of the Herb Garden with show and tell of fresh, fragrant medicinal herbs

Session II: Tour of the Colonial Kitchen with emphasis on differences between the modern and the ancient. Reproduction artifacts passed around

Session III: Hands-On activities where students dress in colonial clothing, may make hornbooks, write with quill pens, or paint.

This program is designed to teach children the differences between modern and colonial life while giving them some hands on experiences with authentic reproduction artifacts. 


With the COLONIAL ADVENTURE TOUR for 3rd - 5th graders, students step back in time as they learn about the lives of the men, women, and children living in Maryland during the 1770s. The tour is divided into two 45-minute sessions. In one session, students tour the colonial mansion and learn the basics about colonial life and history through an open dialogue with our expert guides. In part two, students touch or make several of the things they have seen in the house. 

Through the use of reproduction artifacts and imaginative, interactive games, students get a direct sense of what it would have been like to be an artist, a furniture maker, a gentry man, a gentry lady, a servant, and more. They can write with quill pens, make a sachet, play with colonial toys, paint a miniature portrait, play with colonial cards, build a replica brick wall, experiment with furniture, and more. Participants may even purchase a colonial "Fun Pack" to take home at an additional cost of $1.50 per child.

TO BE A COLONIAL targets grades 6 - 8. The program focuses on the lives of four individuals associated with the Hammond-Harwood House between 1774 and 1820. Students are introduced to two women and two men, all with exceptionally different lives: Matthias Hammond,a colonial gentleman; William Buckland, a Pre-Revolutionary War architect; Frances Loockerman, the daughter of a mayor of Annapolis; and Rachel, a slave. Students learn about these individuals via discussions of politics, slavery, housewifery, foodways, art, and clothing.

Session I:  Colonial house tour with focus on the daily lives of four colonial characters

Session II: Examination of primary sources documents including wills and inventories, and examination of reproduction artifacts and clothing. Emphasis on learning through real documents and 18th-century objects.


READING AND WRITING HISTORY is designed to give high school students a hands-on lesson about Colonial American history. The program is divided up into three mini-sessions each with its own goals:  a colonial house tour, an introduction to history resources, and a session of hands-on group study. 

The program covers topics which include common and indentured laborers, slave life, life of craftsmen, gentry activities and leisure time, decorative arts, and architecture. Other topics may be added by teachers upon request.