Preservation Now

A project is currently underway to preserve the 237-year old roof on the Hammond-Harwood House.  The first step is to make sure that the roof's wooden framing is still functioning the way it should.  This stage involves preserving and strengthening the roof structure in the southwest wing.  The 70-year old slate will be replaced at the same time.  The project is divided into four stages.  The first stage was completed in 2008, when the framing was strengthened and slate hung on both hyphens.  The current stage - 2011 - concerns the southwest wing.  The main block and northeast wing remain to be done.


To view time-lapse video of the construction, click on one of these links:

The scaffolding goes up.  March 24, 2011.  60 seconds, with music.

The shingles start to come off.  March 29, 2011. 42 seconds.

The remaining shingles come off.  March 30, 2011.  42 seconds.

A rainy day in Annapolis.  March 31, 2011.  17 seconds.

The sheathing is removed.  April 4, 2011.  51 seconds.

Old insulation is removed.  April 7, 2011.  20 seconds.